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*My brother chose: Annika

*As young as Edward Cullen: 17

Ignore one date: 10th September

Places I call home:
Eggersdorf (95-07);
Owston Ferry (07-08)

Why people like to overlook me: 1,60m

Bright eyes and: blue, grey

Theodor-Fontane-Gymnasium (03-07)
John Leggott College Scunthorpe (07-08)

Germany - 1x mom; serious + 1x dad; showy + 1x brother; intelligent
England - 1x mom; lovely + 1x dad; funny + 2x sister; ace and adolescent + 1x brother; awake

writing, talking, laughing, dancing, music, Internet, friends, open mindedness, England, languages, creativity, books

arrogance, egoism, sport, no choclate at home, not being allowed to be alone, small talk, compliments, getting older, presents

Lovely time killers I like: writing, talking, playing piano, dancing, listening to music, being creative

Authors: Kai Meyer, R.A. Nelson, Stephenie Meyer, Neil Gaiman

Music: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Keane, The Hush Sound, Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, The Fray, Sugarplum Fairy, Muse, Bright Eyes, Coldplay, Rooney, The Academy is..., Funeral For A Friend, Mika, Scissor Sisters, Paramore

Artists: Tim Burton, Salvador Dalí

Movie: Corpse Bride, Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth, Interview With The Vampire, Red Eye, The Fall

Books: Teach Me, Die Alchimistin, My Heartbeat, Big Mouth – Ugly Girl, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Neverwhere, The Wolves in the Walls, Looking For Alaska, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Couldn't (+wouldn't) resist: Ryan Ross, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Mr. Mann, Patrick Stump, Matt J. Hatmaker, Sebastian Heyler, Tom Chaplin



After the beep
Welcome to my head


07. Juni
Bald geht die Schule wieder los :D Hoffe euch allen geht es gut.